Joseph West our AFSCME REP


AFSCME Local 191 recently had a meeting with members of the Oregon Youth Association’s leadership. At the meeting we discussed issues including the effectiveness of co-management agreements that are currently in place with participating counties across the state, the receipt of consistent packets of information for staff, along with creating a standard for material needed in the packets. The parties also discussed OYA leaderships’’ willingness to directly address conflicts with County leadership, the addition of one supervisory position to assist with communication between leadership and officers working in the field, along and the addition of a union member to cabinet supervisors meetings to enhance the affectivity of communication between labor and management.

At our upcoming Labor management meeting in May, it is our desire to have constructive dialogue surrounding the above mentioned issues. As a result, our organization expects OYA Leadership to be prepared to have an educated discussion regarding our desire to have the issues actively addressed in the near future.


Joseph West AFSCME Local 191


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