Youth Violence On The Rise In Our Youth Correctional Facilities

Subject: Facility safety issues


Well, again, another assault/riot situation at an OYA facility over the weekend. This time at EOYCF. Youth and facility staff safety continues to be a concern particularly following the administrations Legislative E Board presentation. This in turn places our members at risk of harm.  The local (191) has raised several concerns and feel OYA cabinet cant respond appropriately. We have now brought the issue to the attention of Ken Allen and the Council 75 team for advice on a plan of action. We will meettomorrow at AFSCME central in Salem to develop and action plan. This might include:  work site actions, contacting legislators, letter writing , press releases, etc. bring your thoughts.

JPPO safety historically has been an after thought of Juvenile corrections management and over the years the union has fought hard around field safety concerns and we have done well. It is now time for the council to assist us with the facility concerns that impact our members.

Officers please plan to be involved in this discussion on Tuesday 09-23 at 1pm.


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Union moves to step 2 Grievance/More Grevances to follow

Dear Joseph,   This e-mail acknowledges OYA management’s receipt of the AFSCME Step 2 Grievance …


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