AFSCME’s Plan to Address Local 191 Members Institutional Safety Concerns


Hello All,

I realize everyone in this email has some base level knowledge and interest in what is currently occurring at OYA facilities and its possible future impact on the safety of our membership. As a result, I wanted to cue everyone in on our plan to address agency concerns moving forward, which was discussed at our recent meeting of board members this Tuesday.

1.       We are issuing the formal notice pending editing, to all of OYA leadership with Ken and Randy CC’d on the email, as an initial step in forcing management’s hand on the issue.

2.       A similar letter will be mailed to our membership, along with member to member contact at our worksites about how our union plans on addressing the concerns, through the immediate discontinuation of member contact with facilities in accord with their rights specified by OYA policy and Article 30 of our contract.

3.       We will put out a combative workplace flyer about violence and Hazard at OYA facilities which can be sent as an attachment to all of our board members, and can be distributed at all of our OYA worksites. I will also be sure to drop some by some major sites like Multnomah, Marion and others as needed.

4.       We are in the process of arranging meetings between Local 191’s leadership and SEIU Leadership to attempt to engage in joint actions around worksite concerns, and management’s inability to address issues that are important to staff throughout the agency. We should be able to scheduling a meeting next week and are just awaiting a reply from their rep.

5.       Our next LMC is Oct. 7th and we plan to continue moving in an organizing direction at LMCs which means we are utilizing a process that involves issues combined with specific proposals and required timelines to reach the proposed solutions for our concerns. As was specified at our recent Eboard meeting we will be requesting a process for the creation of safety policies at the facilities during our meeting on the casino games 7th.

If there is anything that anyone would like to add or alter about our plan to address issues pertaining to the safety of our members in local 191, just reply all and we can make adjustments as we move along.

In Solidarity,

Joseph West



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