Management Rights

Members, as we move in to a New Year and directions for OYA we need to be cognizant that managers / supervisors do get to manage us. We have a system of policies, contracts, statutes and agreements that need to be adhered to. It is our job as good stewards and representatives of the state to be aware of these guidelines that we need to work by. Policy/procedure/the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and statutes as well as OAR can be accessed on the OYA intra-net as well as our 191 website. Be aware of your responsibilities and know your position description. A manager can manage, a boss can boss and we can all work together with collaboration and success. The managers also have policy, procedure and rules to follow. We have a CBA and federal laws to assist us as needed. Contact your stewards, officers and council if you need advice.

Most importantly we need to work as an agency to get the job done the right way. Lets all count on each other.


In Camaraderie




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